Meet Our Founder

Crystal Crockett, CEO and Founder of Sistah’s House of New Beginnings, has dedicated her life to service and to community development. 


Crystal holds a Bachelor of Arts in Healthcare Technology and Program Management from DeVry University.  She also holds a Masters Degree in Education with an emphasis on Special Education from Quincy University.


It was her years in urban high school settings that showed her how she could combine her experience as a healthcare technology professional with her skills as an educator to create positive and lasting change for young people—especially young women ages 18 – 24. She found that many young ladies would gravitate particularly toward her firm, demanding, yet caring ways.


In fact, Crystal was able to produce measurable results in the classroom and in student citizenship where other educators struggled.  Still, despite her successes in the classroom and in the hallways of the schools, Crystal saw that many of these young women made choices that, though understandable, often led to repeat incarceration.  


She also realized that the same innovative, holistic approaches that produced successes in the healthcare technology field, could also be used to create programs and environments that would support young women experiencing incarceration, provided that these approaches were filtered through the lens of education and career development expertise.   Thus, Crystal gathered her own team of experts, all of whom are passionate to end female incarceration and recidivism, to create SHONB.